Understanding Your Options If You Want Breast Implants in Texas

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August 22, 2018
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September 15, 2018

Are you considering getting breast implants in Texas?  Hundreds of thousands of women choose breast augmentation every year, and there’s never been a better time to have the procedure done.  You have more options in how the surgery proceeds, and what your new breasts will look like, than ever before.

No blog article can ever replace an in-person consultation with a plastic surgery specialist.  However, we can still go over some of the major choices you’ll be faced with.

Decisions You’ll Need to Make Before Getting Breast Implants in Texas

  1. Size

Obviously, one of the biggest choices is how large you want your new breasts to be.  You should spend a lot of time seriously considering your lifestyle and how they might affect it.  Fortunately, your plastic surgeon will have “training breasts” you can try on, to give you an idea what the final size will be like.  You’ll be encouraged to try plenty of different shapes and sizes before you decide!

  1. Filling type

When it comes to the material within your breast implants, there are two basic options.  The first is having them filled with saline, that is salt water.  The main benefit of saline is that should the implant ever rupture, it could not possibly do any harm.  The other option is silicone gel, which most people think looks and feels more like natural breast tissue.  However, it will be a more serious issue if the implant ever breaks, such as from a strong impact.

  1. Placement

There are three different ways an implant can be put into your body, depending on your existing body shape and your lifestyle.

  • Sub-glandular:  The implant is entirely above the muscle layer, within your natural breast tissue.  This is the easiest procedure to perform, with the least recovery time, but requires you to already have some natural breast material to work with.
  • Partial sub-muscular: The implant is partially beneath the muscle layer, and partially within existing breast tissue.  This is more difficult than sub-glandular implants but looks better on ladies with small breasts.
  • Sub-muscular:  The implant is entirely beneath the muscle layer, which works best for those with flat chests.  However, the procedure is significantly more difficult and may inhibit certain forms of activity and exercise in the future.