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If you’re considering breast implants in Texas, it’s a big decision and not to be taken lightly.  Even though breast augmentation surgery has been practiced for decades and is quite safe, as surgeries go, any surgery must be taken seriously.  There’s always the chance of complications, which you should discuss with your plastic surgeon before proceeding.

Fortunately, breast augmentation is a relatively simple process.  These are the basics.

What Happens When You Choose Breast Implants in Texas

  1. Deciding on your new look

After consulting with your plastic surgeon and deciding that breast implants are right for you, the first major step is to decide what your new breasts will look like!  You’ll have plenty of options.  Much of the time, you can even get a sort of training bra which will simulate your new breasts, so you can see how they will look under clothes.

  1. Choosing the implant type

You have two basic options for the material within your implants, either silicone gel or saline fluid.  Saline is the more popular option because they require a much smaller incision, but some choose silicone because it has a somewhat more realistic feel.

  1. The surgery itself

The surgery is done under full anesthetic, so you’ll be asleep the whole time.  Depending on your body type, the implant will either be placed directly into the breast or within the chest muscle wall.  The surgery is easier if the implants are outside of the muscle wall, but that requires the patient to have enough existing breast tissue to work with.

The incision may be made below your nipple, underneath the breast, or in the armpit.  Either way, modern techniques mean you will have very little scarring if any.

  1. Recovery

It will take some time to recover after the surgery.  There will probably be some fluid leakage around the surgical sites, and you’ll need to return to your plastic surgeon a few times to ensure that healing is going smoothly.  In total, it usually takes around six weeks to recover 100%, although you’ll be able to return to normal day-to-day life within a week or so.

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