New Techniques in Facelift Plastic Surgery You Might Not Know About

Are Non-Surgical Facelifts A Viable Alternative to Traditional Facelift Plastic Surgery?
October 15, 2018

The art and science of facelift plastic surgery is constantly advancing!  This is an exciting time to be a plastic surgeon, because of all the new techniques that make facelifts easier and better-looking.  Of course, that makes it an exciting time for anyone considering a facelift as well – your results will be better than ever!

These are just a few of the new techniques that allow modern facelifts to look much better than those done in previous decades.

Exciting New Facelift Plastic Surgery Techniques 

  1. SMAS Adjustment

Last century, the typical strategy for removing forehead wrinkles was to basically just lift the skin, pull it tight, and reattach it.  This removed wrinkles but often created a somewhat unnatural look.  That isn’t a problem with modern Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System (SMAS) adjustment.  The SMAS is a thin layer of tissue connecting the skin to the underlying muscle layer.  By adjusting SMAS along with the skin, the results are much more natural-looking and allow for easier facial movement as well.

  1. Facial Fat Rejuvenation

Another unfortunate side-effect of the old “lift, stretch, and reattach” method of Facelift plastic surgery is that it did nothing to reshape the face underneath the skin.  Today’s plastic surgeons take a much more comprehensive approach.  Facelifts are now often combined with liposuction, to remove the fat buildup which accompanies aging.

In some cases, plastic surgeons could even re-sculpt the entire face by taking small amounts of fat from other parts of the body and using it somewhat like clay to create new facial structures – such as in people who want more prominent cheeks or jaws.

  1. Combinatory Techniques

Generally speaking, in the past, facelifts would be considered one single procedure.  Plastic surgeons would be hesitant to do too much at once.  Today, however, there are a multitude of techniques which can all be applied at once.  A facelift might be combined with Botox injections, for example, to erase wrinkles that traditional facelifts can’t handle.  Dermal fillers, ultrasound, and laser resurfacing can be deployed as well, to create even more dramatic effects.

In short, the possibilities in modern facelifts are nearly endless!

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